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Why do people want buy an existing business?

Here are the top reasons:
 1.Job burn out.
 2.Current business growth potential is limited.
 3.Business owner is bored with business and time for a new game.
 4.Rewarded directly, (we're speaking money) for your hard work.

Buying an existing business or starting a new business is, or can be:




Is the right business out there for you?

Absolutely, at any given time about 20% of America’s businesses are for sale. This means of the approximate 1,000,000 business for sale, there must be a right business for you!

What are your options?

 1.Stay in Current Job - You could change companies, you might be able to get another job at another similar business. Then if you find a job, could be back in your current situation. Job security is definitely a thing of the past!
 2.Start a new business - This is risky. It can be frightening, and it should be! Over 50% of new businesses fail within the first year. There are many unknowns and few guarantees in a start up.
 3.Buy an Existing Business!! Buy into the many advantages of purchasing someone else’s hard work, and success. Use your team of professionals to examine (due diligence) the business of your choice.


Published Tuesday, November 9, 2010 6:04 PM by Pete Harrison

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