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November 2010 - Posts

Time to Sell your Florida Business?

When Is The Best Time To Sell? There are many factors that determine best timing for selling a small business -- the financial condition of the company, valuation, growth cycle, profit history, and the current market. Usually the best time to obtain the
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How to Sell your Business? Follow these 10 Steps!

Follow These Ten Commandments To Avoid Wrecking the Deal 1. Place a reasonable price on your business. Since an inflated figure either turns off or slows down potential buyers, rely on your business broker to help you arrive at the best "win-win"

How to Recast a Financial Statement when Selling a business!

RecastingFinancial Statements When Selling A Business Whatdoes it mean when we say that we need to "Recast" your financialstatements as one of the initial steps in preparing to sell your business? Financial statements and tax returns for most

Why do people want buy an existing business?

Here are the top reasons: 1. Job burn out. 2. Current business growth potential is limited. 3. Business owner is bored with business and time for a new game. 4. Rewarded directly, (we're speaking money) for your hard work. Buying an existing business

What is my Business Worth?

The first question almost every seller asks is: "What is my business worth?" Quite frankly, if we were selling our business, that is the first thing we would want to know. However, we're going to put this very important issue off for a bit

New Listing-Video Game Shop

Thanks for taking the time to hear about iour latest listing for a video game store in Tampa.
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The 5 Biggest Mistakes Made When Getting A Business Appraised

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Made When Getting A Business Appraised Most business owners will, at some point, want or need to know how much their business is worth. They will be faced with the task of finding someone to perform a business appraisal or valuation.