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How to Get Advice on Buying a Business?

Get Advice on Buying a Business? 

Buy Business Today - Profit When?
There's an old saying that states, "Free advice is worth [only] what you pay for it." While this is true in many situations in life, how does this homily apply to buying a business? After all, anyone who wants to buy a business will need some serious advice on the matter. They will want answers to such questions as, "What kind of business should I buy?" and "What's the advantage of a franchise over an existing business?" and "How do I know it's a good price?" and so many more. Additional concerns arise once the reality of buying a business starts to sink in. Then buyers will want to know, "How much money do I need to operate the business properly?" and "When will I start to show a profit?" The novice may not even know which questions to ask, not to mention having a clue about the answers. In this situation, free advice is both available and worthwhile. Even the cost of paying for such advice is nominal. 

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