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Why is it so hard to Sell my business!

Times are tough as eveyone knows.  As a business broker I am having to sort through many more buyers to find the one to do the deal.  Many buyers are on the fence afraid to pull the trigger and still wanting for that perfect business. No business is perfect and these buyers will miss out time and time again on some of the great opportunities that are available.  Sellers be realistic in your expectations as no one I re-peat no one is over paying for a business.  The buyers today are doing there home work and if you are asking anything more than 1-2X the provable cash flow on a tax return your business is not going to sell.  Banks are not interested in SBA loans as they are continuing to hold onto the tax payers cash as we brace ourselves for this double dip recession.  If you are serious about want ing to buy or sell a business come speak to us at TampaCashCows as we can sort through all the junk and find the gems and do all the negotiating for you.  Make it happen today.  

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