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How to get a Bar/Restuarnt and all its contents for Free!

TampaCashCows just successfully closed a deal involing a fully equipped bar for a 10% of the original asking price.  In this down economy there are some amazing deals in which a buyer may be able to get a business for a fraction of the original price.  Sellers are defaulting on leases and landlords are taking back there properties as well as all of the contents. They already own the lease hold improvments (anything that is a fixture) and is bolted down is there property.  Our recent client saved over 100K buy signing our buyer broker agreement and having us locate a bar for him that was closing and in default of its lease.  These deals are real and available.  Why start a business from scratch or overpay for one when you can get one for  nearly free or simply the brokers minimum fee.  Find out more information of what's available contact us at TampaCashCows@gmail.com

Published Monday, July 19, 2010 8:26 AM by Pete Harrison

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