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SportsBAR for Sale / Full Liquor! / 4200 square feet! 3 Walk in Coolers!

Full Liquor SportsBar
Full Liquor Semi Absentee Sportsbar!

• 4,200 sq. ft. other "Business Only, No Real Estate" - MLS®$150,000 - Owner Financing Available

 -  Thank you for viewing. To receive further information, location, or to place an offer for purchase, please download Non-Disclosure Agreement found on the left under "Attachments". After review, sign & forward with copy of PHOTO ID via scan and email to TampaCashCows@gmail.com. If preferred, fax to 813-464-2700. A member of our team will contact you upon receipt of Non-Disclosure and Photo ID.

Touchdown! Homerun! Goal! Winner! This is easily one of the finest SportBars offered on the market today. FULL LIQUOR SportsBar Complete Turnkey. Owner is SEMI-ABSENTEE at 5 hrs. a WEEK! Strong revenues, Loyal customer base, and XTRA Large Parking. Way to much to list including THREE Walk in Coolers, Full POS sytem with MULTI-Teminals, LIQUOR Showcase, FULL TAP SYSTEM W/ 20 ICE COLD DRAFTS, Gameroom, Pool Tables, 5 HUGE Projection TVs, Tons of Flat Screens, Full Kitchen, Hood sytem, & More!

Owner has taken this SportsBar to the Next Level and streamlined operations. Excellent menu, great beer selection, Full Liquor Bar, Games, and Entertainment make this a real Winner. Cost of Goods have been Greatly Improved which reflects directly to owner benefit. All sales and financial data can be provided by owner direct. Lease is ready for renewal and possible reduction in October. Live entertainment with large parking is Easy with a Huge well lighted parking lot that can hold the largest of venues. Located on a main Corner with great visibility. SportsBar is complete Turnkey, ready for you.

Let's make this Dream Cash Cow Business a Reality for You.......contact us Now!

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Published Wednesday, March 10, 2010 1:06 AM by Pete Harrison
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