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All I can strive to be is the absolute best possible version of myself."




Why did I choose a business Broker?  I was in the same position as you back in 2001.  I had developed a successful online and retail cellular phone business. The market was at its peak and I knew now was the time to get out.

      As an independent wireless dealer our days were numbered before the companies took all the big profits for themselves.  I decided it was time to sell. I interviewed three business brokers for the job and wasn't satisfied with any of them.  I figured I know my business better than any of them how could they possibly sell it better than I.  

     Well It took another 6 months of dealing with No money down 100% owner financing time wasters, low ballers & tire kickers.  I finally sold it myself  to a publicly traded company that managed a hedge fund.  Hence I was proud of myself, but after getting my real estate license and going to business brokerage school and learning the basics of business valuations I was dumbfounded about how poorly I valued my own business and left so much cash on the table.

     I decided it was my destiny was to help others sell their business at a fair market value. Through reviewing financial statements and recasting them to show the true “owners benefit” doing market comparison research and industry specific pricing techniques, I was able to get a fairly accurate price range in which a business will sell for.  Nearly a decade later I have helped many entrepreneurs by creating a legacy for their family or starting a new one.